Ep 354: Technology Market Update


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The last 12 months have been transformational for recruiting technology, with both employers and vendors having to adapt very quickly to the new market realities. So what does the technology landscape now look like in talent acquisition, what are the key trends and what do we need to keep an eye for the future.

My guest this week is David Wilson, CEO of industry analysts Fosway Group. Fosway. as ever, have been watching the market closely and have just released an updated version of their influential 9 Box Grid on TA technology. Keep listening to hear David's insights on how technology has evolved in the last 12 months and where it is going.

In the interview, we discuss:

▪ The 9 Box Grid methodology and the type of vendors included

▪ How vendors have responded to the pandemic

▪ The pandemic as a catalyst for change in TA technology

▪ The ATS, CRM, TRM evolution

▪ Talent mobility and talent marketplaces

▪ Room for improvement in data analytics

▪ What will the next 12 months look like

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