How He Went From VC to CEO (Recruit Rockstars 420)


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Few people make the transition from being a Venture Capitalist to running an operating company.

Even fewer do it successfully.

I just met one of them. His name is David Wald, CEO & Co-Founder of Aclaimant.

After years at Bain & Company and dough, he was a successful venture investor at Lightbank.

Now, his fast-growing Chicago-based SaaS platform helps companies manage their risks. Specifically, tracking the processes around people who get hurt & property that gets damaged.

With over 50 distributed employees, David & his team have weathered the pandemic with strength.

Clearly, he’s onto something big… Aclaimant investors include Royal Street Ventures, Mercury Fund, KEC Ventures, Next Coast Ventures, Aspen Capital Group, RRE Ventures, EBSCO Capital, KEC Ventures, Moderne Ventures, SMW Capital

In this 20-minute, David reveals how he puts a Rockstar in every seat of the business.

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