27 - You Don't Need to Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back. Let's talk Pregnancy and Postpartum Body Image With Anita Musiol


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My podcast guest on this episode is a woman I met inside my Intuitive Eating Made Easy FB group named Anita, and she’s an inspiration to all women, especially moms.

Anita shared with me that she was a relatively normal eater up until she got pregnant. She also talked about how the societal pressure to “get her body back” after pregnancy led to dieting and obsessing about food. She realized how miserable this was making her, and she decided to opt out of dieting and to reclaim her right to listen to (and trust) her body, which is what led her to discover intuitive eating.

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Key Quotes

“Everybody's body is different in terms of how it kind of responds after pregnancy and after giving birth… That's not how biology works. We don't get anything back it's we just have our body the way it is and we have to be able to move forward with that.” - Katy Harvey

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