22 - Intuitive Eating For When You're Busy, Stressed Out, and Overwhelmed


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“Let's cut ourselves some slack for how stressful life can be, especially considering the fact that we've been living through a pandemic these past couple of years. And I guarantee that we will look back on this time 10 or 20 years from now, and then we'll have the wisdom to see that we didn't need to hustle so hard or stress so much about the little things. ” - Katy Harvey

It’s so easy to get lost in the chaos of everyday life. When we’re being pulled in multiple directions by work, family, and other responsibilities, how do we find time to listen to our bodies?

In this episode, Katy talks about the challenges of intuitive eating in the face of overwhelming stress. There are a lot of reasons that we can get disconnected from our appetite, and in those instances, we need a framework or a strategy to help us nourish our bodies. She also emphasizes the importance of slowing down and taking time to enjoy food while still maintaining an active lifestyle. Listen in as Katy gives four practical tips to care for our bodies when we’re stressed.

[00:01 - 09:11] Your Body’s Physiological Response to Stress

  • Katy’s own experience in dealing with a stressful day
  • The dangers of undereating, overeating, or emotionally eating
  • When we're stressed, our biological cues for hunger are blunted
  • The world today and the daily demands of life

[09:12 - 12:25] Stick With a Consistent Eating Schedule

  • Have consistent, reliable, and predictable opportunities to eat
  • Don’t go too long without food
  • A diet program vs an intuitive eating plan to keep your body nourished

[12:26 - 14:22] Check In With Your Body

  • Take time to do a mental body scan
  • Do belly breathing exercises
  • What are other ways hunger presents itself?

[14:23 - 17:25] Practice Practical Eating

  • Eating even though we’re not particularly hungry
  • Be aware of your eating habits in response to stress
  • Practical eating doesn't go against intuitive eating

[17:26 - 19:59] Keep It Simple

  • Don’t make food harder than it needs to be
  • Frozen foods and takeouts are totally okay
  • Reduce the mental load by trying meal delivery kits

[20:30 - 22:40] Wrapping up!

  • Go to katyharvey.net/hellofresh to get a discount on Katy’s favorite meal delivery service!
  • Always be gentle and patient with yourself

Key Quotes

“Stress and anxiety are two that in particular, really manifest in our stomachs." - Katy Harvey“This hustle culture that we're living in is really out of control. No wonder we're too stressed to listen to our bodies. And no wonder we're sometimes using food to cope. And no wonder we feel like we need a diet or a program to fix us. So let's just take a moment and have some compassion for how hard this is.” - Katy Harvey

“I think sometimes people assume that they shouldn't eat if they don't feel a hunger signal because that means they're not eating intuitively, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Part of intuitive eating is the knowledge and the wisdom of when we need to fuel our bodies.” - Katy Harvey

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