Kathy & Rich Fettke Share Big Ideas from Their Bestselling Real Estate Books


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This is a different kind of "his & her" Real Wealth Show! Kathy Fettke interviews her husband Rich Fettke about his new bestselling book “The Wise Investor,” while he interviews Kathy about the newly released 2022 edition of her 2014 bestseller “Retire Rich with Rentals.” This interview will give you insights on why Kathy and Rich wrote the books, along with a preview of the lessons they share and the personalities behind those titles! Their synergy is contagious along with their enthusiasm for creating passive income and financial freedom so you can live the life that you’ve dreamed about. Here’s more about their books which are available on Amazon: Retire Rich with Rentals: How to Enjoy Ongoing Cash Flow from Real Estate So You Don’t Have to Work Forever, by Kathy Fettke In Retire Rich with Rentals, professional investor Kathy Fettke shows you how to supplement your retirement plans with cash flowing real estate. You’ll learn how to choose the best markets, identify solid deals, and create passive income – without having to fix toilets or get your hands dirty. In Retire Rich with Rentals, you will learn:
  • How to safely borrow money to finance your portfolio
  • Strategies for reducing your tax burden
  • Asset protection techniques used by the wealthy
  • Hands free property management techniques
  • How to replace your income with rental property
Retire Rich with Rentals is a step by step plan for building and protecting wealth so you have both the money and the freedom to live life on your terms! The Wise Investor: A Modern Parable About Creating Financial Freedom and Living Your Best Life, by Rich Fettke The Wise Investor is an inspiring parable about building what author Rich Fettke calls Real Wealth, the foundation of financial freedom. It tells the story of Ryan Brooks, a husband, father, and CaptivSoft’s hard-working lead coder who, with the help of a new friend and mentor, finds a different path to financial security for himself and his family and becomes wealthy in more ways than he thought possible. In it you’ll learn:
  • Why working endless hours to climb the corporate ladder in search of "enough" may never give you the financial security you want.
  • How to shift the limiting beliefs that might be keeping you stuck and blind to what’s possible for your finances and your life.
  • An actionable, play-by-play guide to transforming your financial situation by taking charge of your habits so you can live your best life now, not in some far-off future.
Whether you seek an investment path that allows you to overcome the fear and overwhelm or are struggling just to start, the advice and wisdom in this book will help you get on track to financial freedom. Expand Your Real Estate Education Join RealWealth to learn more about real estate investing and get free access to all our educational material. Click on RealWealth.com to sign up. In addition to our Learning Center, you’ll have access to our data on individual U.S. rental markets, our experienced investment counselors, and our list of curated real estate professionals.

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