Is Build-to-Rent Dead? Insights from IMN's Single-Family Rental Forum


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It’s the 10th Anniversary of the IMN Single Family Rental Forum and my 10th year as an attendee! I’ve been coming to this event every year and watching how the single-family rental industry is growing. There were 2,000 people at this year's conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, including single-family investors, mom-and-pop fix-and-flippers, brokers, bankers, lenders, and dozens of speakers, including myself, who all believe that now is a good time to invest. They know that as so many people sit on the sidelines, afraid to buy in this more difficult market, that there are opportunities for people who are ready. And they are excited about what they are learning about today's real estate market. I thought I'd share some of the concerns, strategies, and forecasts that I heard while I was at the conference. – Kathy Fettke You can find out more about the IMN Single Family Rental Forum at this link. You can also find out more about how to invest in single-family rentals by joining RealWealth at We provide educational material for investors at all levels, along with an investor portal with sample properties, experienced investment counselors who can answer questions, and a long list of real estate professionals that can help you with the business side of things. And please remember to subscribe to our podcast and leave a review!

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