“Ask Kathy” - Kathy Fettke Shares Her 2023 Real Estate Investing Strategies


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This is our second “Ask Kathy” episode for the Real Wealth Show. Podcast host Kathy Fettke collected several questions about today’s real estate investing environment, and shares what she would do in those situations. Questions that she answers include:

1 - If you had $100k to invest today, how would you invest it? (from Karla) 2 - Is it a bad time to use a HELOC for a down payment? (from Jeff) 3 - Are 30-year fixed-rate loans still preferable? (from Jeff) 4 - What markets would you shy away from and why? (from Andreas) 5 - Does the 1% rule still matter" What's true now? (from Cynthia 6 - You talk about hot markets in Florida. What about cities outside the major metros? Doable? (from Cynthia) 7 - What is your outlook on short-term rentals? (from Karla)

Kathy and her husband, Rich, co-founded RealWealth to share what they learned about real estate investing. At first, they did it to educate their friends, but that social circle has now turned into a network of more than 66,000 members! Their mission? "We help you create passive income and ongoing cash flow with real estate... so you can live life on your own terms." Kathy is passionate about helping others, and looks forward to collecting more questions for a future "Ask Kathy" episode. Send as many as you like to podcasts@realwealth.com and we’ll add them to our list!

Kathy is an active real estate investor and a licensed real estate agent with more than 25 years of experience. In addition to her mission at RealWealth, she's the CEO of Grow Developments which helps people invest passively in syndicated real estate deals. She’s been doing the "Real Wealth Show" podcast since 2003, and "The Real Estate News for Investors" podcast since 2016. More recently, she was picked to co-host the Bigger Pockets "On the Market" podcast. If you’d like to learn more about how to create passive income with real estate, check out her newly updated bestseller “Retire Rich with Rentals" which you can find here on Audible.

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