Cash Flow AND Appreciation in Indianapolis? Update on the Indiana Real Estate Market


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Are you looking for cash flowing rental properties with steady appreciation? It may seem like an impossible task in today’s market, but they do exist. And one of them is a place that we’ve been tracking for 10 to 15 years. It’s a market that we have wanted to promote but inventory was so tight when interest rates were low, that there was nothing to buy. The metro we’ll be talking about in this episode is Indianapolis. You’ll hear why Indianapolis is getting about the same cash flow as it has in past decades and why properties in this market are expected to appreciate. This property team will also be featured in our virtual live event on Saturday, February 11th from 9am to 4:30pm PT. This very special event will not be recorded so be sure to register and attend the live event as there won't be a replay available! You can sign up for that as a member at It’s free to join RealWealth if you haven’t already. You can also register for a webinar with this same property team on Thursday, February 9th at 12pm PT. And please remember to subscribe to our podcast and leave a review! Thanks for listening! Kathy Fettke

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