Wanted Dead or Alive


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Do you ever find yourself asking:

-What if I am doing the wrong thing?

-What if this isn't the right decision?

-What if I f*ck it all up!?

In this episode, Nicole shares how a Facebook memory instantly took her back to a dark time in her life. This haunting snapshot of how she felt in that moment of the past afforded the opportunity for her to discover a new side of forgiveness. A forgiveness that comes from a place of understanding that some decisions are made and actions are taken without all the pieces to the puzzle.

Push play now to hear:

-How to take imperfect action with self assurance!

-How to discover a new perspective of your past self in order to launch into becoming the future self you desire to be!

-The importance to seeing the path changes in front of you and how to use that to get where you want to go!

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