The Struggle is NOT Real!!!


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Struggle posts are used in groups that do not allow advertisements. Struggle posts can be used as a way to fish out those who might need help doing something specific. While you are fishing these people out, this gives you the opportunity to get them in your DM’s and help them. But within the process of this, all it does is create a scarcity mindset.

These posts are designed to work around the rules in these groups. But in Wonder World, there is a different atmosphere than these other women helping women groups. People are actually being helped and Wonder World is filled with high vibes only.

Overall, we really get to learn how Nicole is helping us and serving us without us even paying her. Her facebook group is filled with plenty of content to become successful, but it is offered to us for free. This opportunity that is presented, is Nicole reaching out and serving us.

Tune in once again to hear all the secrets about:

  • Learning how to post in a content strategy that makes sense
  • Learn how to attract the people who are into solutions
  • Learn how to lead with the result that you sell
  • Learn how to access Nicole’s content strategy
  • Learn how to bring awareness
  • Learn how to reprogram your mind

Come tell us how you plan to escape from the struggle posts


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