Passion of the Unicorn


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Do you ever have that perfect idea/plan/business model that you just know will work? Then, as soon as you tell people about it, you feel rejected! Nobody seems to see how it can work! Want to know the secret behind why this happens? It’s because you need to pitch with passion!

How? Bring more of you into your pitch!

First you need to inspire yourself. Be aligned with the energetics of your audience. Tie your passion to pitch to getting client results, NOT SALES. So when you follow the formula and pitch from this place, pitching becomes easy and you get more results. If you are ready to start pitching with passion then follow along.

Push play now to learn more about:

✨ How to align yourself energetically with your audience!

✨ How to pitch to client results! (Instead of just for sales!)

✨ How to pitch for profit!

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