Mirror Mirror


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Coming into day 2 of her 2 part launch Nicole finds herself in an interesting situation. Her signature program wasn’t selling as she envisioned. When the systems and strategies are dialed in, but its not working then you have a different problem! Practicing what she preaches Nicole shares a practice she uses to reflect and gain clarity!

As an entrepreneur we make mistakes, and feel fear around launches! But we don’t have to look back and let the fear consume us. The way we feel directly impacts our ability to run our business. You're out there crushing it! People buy high ticket all the time and it is fun! Have you ever wanted to go back to your low ticket offer? Well you’re about to hear the secret to making that transition with ease!

How people perceive you is how they hear you, so go on press play and hear:

  • What the real problem is when the strategy isn’t working
  • Why vibration in your pitch matters
  • What to do if you find yourself outgrowing your audience

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