Eliot Coleman, Dave Chapman, And Jack Algiere At Stone Barns


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#083: Real Organic Project co-founder Dave Chapman is joined by renowned author and market gardener Eliot Colemanm, and Stone Barns Farm Manager Jack Algiere, at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Tarrytown, NY. The three address an audience of chefs, doctors, nutritionists, and other organic food enthusiasts.
Dave Chapman owns and operates Long Wind Farm in East Thetford, VT, which concentrates on soil-grown glasshouse tomatoes that are produced year round, a true feat in Vermont's cold climate. Dave is a longtime organic farmer, who along with fellow Vermont tomato farmer Dave Miskell noticed the suspicious appearance of hydroponic tomatoes from other countries being sold with the USDA organic sticker a handful of years ago. Their research led to a web of injustices and untruths affecting real organic farmers throughout the organic industry, including berry growers, dairy producers, grain farmers and more. The Real Organic Project was founded in 2017 and has evolved into an add-on food label. It is 100% farmer-led organization.
Eliot Coleman is an author, market gardener, and educator. His work on the USDA study in the late 1970's, "Report and Recommendations on Organic Farming" helped lead to the formation of the National Organic Program, setting the very standards that are being ignored by corporate interests today.
Jack Algiere is the Director of Agroecology at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, a farming enterprise that welcomes the public to enjoy the nature trails, farming operation, and food grown on site at its restaurants, including the famed Blue Hill. Relying on decades of farming experience, Jack works closely with chefs in the kitchen to grow a variety of crops for their dishes. He also oversees projects that communicate the importance of land stewardship and nature-based farming to visitors.
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The Real Organic Project is a farmer-led movement working towards certifying 1,000 farms across the United States this year. Our add-on food label distinguishes soil-grown fruits and vegetables from hydroponically-raised produce, and pasture-raised meat, milk, and eggs from products harvested from animals in horrific confinement (CAFOs - confined animal feeding operations).
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