Home (insurance) For The Holidays w Morgan Roberts


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From the BC floods to the Wet Bandits flooding the basements in Home Alone—how does your home insurance work with natural disasters and climate change? What risks does Christmas pose to your house? What happens if your gifts get stolen? What do you do in case of a break-in? Do you really have to shovel your sidewalk? Do more fires happen at Christmas? What about hosting parties and serving alcohol?

Director of Sales at RH Insurance (www.rhinsurance.ca), Morgan Roberts, sits down with Director of Insurance at Ratehub.ca (www.ratehub.ca), Matt Hands to answer all kinds of home insurance questions you never thought to ask before.

[0:00] Intro [1:35] Money Mistake or Makeup [4:45] On home insurance and flooding (especially with BC floods)

[6:11] Will your rates increase when claims happen elsewhere?

[9:07] What is overland water? What is sewer backup? Do you need it? How much does it cost to add to your policy?

[13:00] Who to contact about changes to your home insurance policy?

[14:41] How does the insurance industry adapt and change to major weather related events and climate change?

[16:30] When should you change your coverage limits? How often should you change them?

[17:10] If you do renovations, do you need to speak to your insurance broker or agent?

[19:38] Do you have to use a restoration specialist provided by the insurance company? Or can you use your own contractors?

[21:44] What is the average cap, or return, due to water damage in your home?

[22:45] Following a flood, do you have to submit a full list of everything you have and supply it to the insurance company for a full claim?

[23:45] Can you shop around if you find you're not getting enough coverage? What are the standards in the insurance industry?

Compare home insurance quotes https://www.ratehub.ca/insurance/best-home-insurance-quote

[25:47] If you have to rebuild, do you have to rebuild on your property or can you take your money and go live elsewhere?

[27:40] Where do you stay while your house is being rebuilt?

[30:43] What are acts of god? What's the difference between an act of god and a peril?

[34:29] Is house maintenance still required when dealing with home insurance? How long can you be away from your house without checking on it? What about snowbird insurance?

[36:38] What is covered when your home is broken into? Describe Home insurance for break-ins. Do you need extra contents insurance for an engagement ring? What should I communicate to my insurer?

[40:51] What do insurance companies recommend to protect your home? during the holidays? Do you get discounts for security cameras? Do you need to shovel your sidewalk?

[43:28] Does home or auto insurance cover someone slipping and falling on your property? How much extra coverage do I need and how much does extra liability cost? Does home or auto insurance coverage kick in if something is stolen from your car?

[48:55] Five wishes for 2022

[57:06] Outro

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