[REWIND] [118] Breaking the Cycle of the 'All or Nothing Mentality' and Living Empowered with Shawna Scafe


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Have you ever thought, "I might as well not exercise today since I ate all those cookies today." Or maybe you have thought "If I can't declutter my house, why start at all."
This is all or nothing thinking. When you view things as zero to 100. This type of thinking causes you to look at extremes and forget about options 1-99.
You can see this in trying to implement self-care, meal planning, stress coping and so many other areas of your life if you pay attention. So what's the problem with thinking like this?
It affects what we choose to do or not do, how we show up, and how we talk to ourselves.
This is why my guest, Shawna, is here to help us. In this episode we talk about:

  • What is this all or nothing mentality
  • How the all or nothing mentality can show up in our lives
  • What steps that we can take to shift the all or nothing mentality
  • How to be more intentional and pay attention to your thoughts and feelings daily

If you are ready to ditch the all-or-nothing mentality, check out this full episode.

Shawna is a trained life coach who teaches moms how to simplify, slow down and show up. She is a mom of three and wants to uplift other moms to enjoy their life and live it ON PURPOSE

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