71. Unexpected Adventures: American English Podcast to Practice English Listening


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The best stories that come out of a trip usually come from an unexpected surprise or adventure. Hear about Amy and Curtis' latest road trip that lead to a great way of connecting with the local people in a small village. Read and Listen to this American English Podcast to Practice English Listening: Get the Latest Podcast Lesson Here Become the Confident Communicator You’ve Always Wanted to Be! If you're feeling like you're a little bit stuck with your current level and you're not really happy with the results that you're getting, I would recommend booking a trial lesson with one of our expert teachers to help you identify where you're stuck, what we need to change and how we can help you to get to your goal in the shortest way possible. If you'd like to find out how you can get your trial lessons for free, head over to our Fluency Programs page and click on the link that says Book A Trial Lesson. American English Podcast to Practice English Listening https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/bn2e2b/71_Unexpected_Adventures_Podcast9fx8x.mp3 Transcription: Curtis: This is the Real English Conversations Podcast. Amy: Where you'll find the lessons and advice you need to be able to confidently use your English in the real world. Curtis: Hi, everybody. It's Curtis Davies and Amy Whitney from realenglishconversations.com. Curtis: And today we're going to tell you about one of our adventurous trips that we went on. Amy: Wait before we get started, I just want to remind everybody that if you want to get access to the latest conversation lesson and the text transcription, all you need to do is go to the description area of this podcast and click on the link that we have for you there. You'll just enter your email, and we will send you those files. Amy: Beyond that, you're actually going to be added to our email list, where we send out lessons that are really focused on helping you to improve your speaking fluency and your confidence. We send out some really great lessons with some awesome tips. So, take a second to do that right now, and let's get going with this conversation. Curtis: Where did we go? And what was our plan of this little adventure that we went on Amy: Well, we went to a little fishing town called Tehualmixtle. It's about 2 hours drive from Puerto Vallarta, so not really that far. And our plan, this is the thing, we didn't really make much of a plan. All we wanted to do was go there. We knew that we would be staying overnight. We had a hotel in mind we thought we'd probably be staying at and just go to the beach and have some dinner or lunch at our favorite restaurant. And that was about it. Why do we like to travel in this way? Curtis: We like to travel in this way and not make plans or reservations, because sometimes things change. Sometimes unexpected things happen, and you have to kind of adapt to those situations and kind of ... Amy: Create your own adventure. Curtis: Yeah Amy: Anyway, we left the house in the morning a little bit later than scheduled in my mind. And I should know better because this never happens. End of Transcription: Get a copy of the transcription of our most recent podcast emailed to you now! Go to this page to request your copy of the audio file and transcript: https://realenglishconversations.com/rec-podcast/ Other English Podcast Conversation Lessons: Long Weekends - Learn Real English From Real Life Conversations Mother Nature- Advanced English Podcast Lesson Carry On, Wander Around - Everyday English with Stories Job Interviews - English Conversation Practice Podcast

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