Real Conversations: Exploring the Meaning Behind the Music With Sue Riley


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An in-depth interview with New Thought singer/songwriter, Unity music director and, Posi-Fest and Empower Music founder, Sue Riley. Sue discusses her influences, background, and collaborations with co-hosts Jeanne Kataoka and Al Yankee.

Songs in this episode include:
I Am the Thinker (2006) written by Sue Riley
Everything Changes (2011) written by Sue Riley and Tom Kimmel
I Am Love (2013) written by Sue Riley and Glen Roethel
I Made Room for Grace (2013) by Sue Riley and Melinda Wood Allen
I Choose Love (2013) by Sue Riley and Karen Taylor Good
Ready to Receive (2015) by Sue Riley, Sloan Wainwright, Melinda Wood Allen
There Are Moments (2020) by Sue Riley, Harold Payne, Richard and Paula Mekdeci

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