Addressing Common Gaps and Bottlenecks in the Sales Process featuring Anna-Luisa Fisher-Jeffes, Sales Operations Manager at Unily


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When it comes to the success of any modern sales team, effective sales operations tactics can play a critical role. By addressing common gaps and bottlenecks, the entire process can be made much more efficient, which will in turn pave the way for improved outcomes overall. In this episode, Hannah and Tony sit down with someone who can speak to all this and more: Anna-Luisa Fisher-Jeffes, the Sales Operations Manager at Unily, a global SaaS company that provides an employee experience platform to its customers. She recently moved to the UK from South Africa, where she spent most of her career in management consulting and sales management. During the episode, Anna-Luisa shares several key strategies for making the sales process more efficient, including why sales team leaders need to look at the data to determine where the team can make tangible improvements. She also touches on scalability, the modern sales tech stack, forecasting and much more.

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