The Business of Coaching: How to Pick the Best Business Model for You


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Emily Merrell and Lexie Smith touch on the various types of coaching business models and programs on the market: masterminds, group coaching, one on one coaching, and beyond. They share their own experiences with different programs and provide advice and tips on how to pick the best business model for you and your business.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Variations on types of programs for coaches out there
  • How do you go about selecting what is the right structure for you and your business
  • Their advice on when someone is ready to start group coaching
  • Tips for how to go about starting a group coaching program
  • About starting with one on one coaching, and why it’s typically best
  • Tips on when to do masterminds vs group programs
  • Advice on what types of programs are the best fit for your client at a given stage of business or life
  • And More!

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