From Red Carpet to Tech Startup: How Mandy King went from Journalist to Executive Assistant to the CEO of Box


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Did you know the Senior Executive Assistant to the CEO of Box started her career off in broadcast journalism at companies like CNN, NBCUniversal and Forbes? This episode is all about how Mandy King’s background in media influenced how she operates as an EA to CEO today. For those listening who also have work experience in a completely different field and may be wondering how to incorporate those skills into your current role as an EA or how to speak to the unique value your background lends in the interview process, this episode is definitely for you! And for those of you who are just curious why and how someone in TV/Media/Journalism became an Executive Assistant, stay tuned. The best part? She loves being an Executive Assistant a thousand times more than being a producer even after working alongside Anderson Cooper, meeting Ryan Gosling on the red-carpet and interviewing the Saturday Night Live hosts!!

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