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For this week's episode, I wanted to get back-to-basics and give you the nuts and bolts explanation of who I am and my philosophy of writing persuasive, direct-response copy.

I had done this already for someone else's podcast back in 2018 as a guest host. That someone was the great Jeff Goins, and he gave me permission to use that audio for this week's episode.

I have a ton of respect for Jeff and the work he puts out, so if you're not familiar with him, I recommend you check out his blog, best-selling books and podcast. You'll find the links below.

If you're a regular listener of my podcast, this week's content will seem familiar, but I encourage you to jump in for a succinct review of the copywriting process; specifically, the P.A.S.T.O.R. framework. This universal framework (to sell products, services, or even ideas) gives you a starting point for every piece of copy you'll ever write.

  • [01:55] Get to know Ray
  • [02:56] Ray's career in broadcast radio
  • [04:19] What is Direct Response Copy?
  • [06:45] The value of good copy
  • [07:29] What is copywriting and why does it matter?
  • [08:26] Everything is copy
  • [09:38] The P.A.S.T.O.R. Framework
    • [10:24] P - Person, problem, pain
    • [12:47] A - Amplify the pain, give asperations
    • [14:30] S - Story, struggle, solution
    • [15:07] T - Transformation and testimony
    • [16:18] O - Offer
    • [17:30] R - Request a response


https://trainwithray.com - If you're serious about becoming a stellar, in-demand copywriter, check out this page

https://goinswriter.com/hey - This is Jeff Goins's new podcast called Hey Creator which I highly recommend. While you're there, make sure you check out his blog and his best-selling books. This is the kind of stuff your entrepreneurial brain needs!

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