Make More Money Than You've Made All Year


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We're a couple of weeks into 4th quarter 2010 (October-December), but it's not too late to make more money in this last quarter than you've made so far this year.

No matter what your business, this week's podcast lays out a simple plan for you to CRUSH your goals for the year, rake in the revenue, and pile up profits. How great would it be to start 2022 with that amazing momentum?

  • [00:45] Getting prepared for your 4th Quarter Miracle
    • [01:12] Put the past in the past
    • [02:39] Define your objective
    • [03:14] Calendar your plan
  • [03:38] Ray's Unpopular Ruthless Rules of Revenue
  • [04:09] How to make a great offer? (Alex Hormozi's book)
  • [05:06] High profit offers
  • [06:05] The O.P.E.N. Scale
  • [09:00] Frictionless Path To Paradise
  • [09:40] Two elements you need to add to your offer: Urgency and Scarcity
  • [11:00] The more offers you make, the more sales you make
  • [12:32] Operation Money Magnet
  • [14:28] Action Plan (Commit to the challenge, create a Money Magnet offer, market your offer EVERY DAY on EVERY MEDIUM)
  • [16:07] Read the mind of your marketplace...with your calendar
  • [20:31] Crafting your copy (same offer...different clothes)
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$100M Offers: How To Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No by Alex Hormozi

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