Copywriting Alone Is Not Enough


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This may blow a few minds, but I, Ray Edwards, direct response copywriting evangelist and educator, am telling you that Copywriting, alone...Is not enough. Today's sophisticated, high-paying client demands that you have more to offer.

This week, I'll tell you what other skills you must possess to thrive, AND give you an actionable checklist that will simplify the process of getting you (and keeping you) in high-demand.

[1:49] - The dirty little secret of the copywriting world (The title says it all.) [5:40] - The Race to the Bottom - If you win, you lose...big time. [8:17] - Becoming the brand of You (Mike Kim's book will make this abundantly clear - Link below) [9:54] - Two fears you must overcome - Here's what happens when you finally get in the spotlight [13:28] - Why you need an exit plan - Keep the end game in mind. [16:32] - Coaching programs - In my humble (but accurate) opinion, these are the best ways to learn [17:45] - Action guide checklist - A few questions to get you started.

Links From This Week's Episode

Last Week's Episode (538) - If you missed last week's episode, How to Create Products Out Of Thin Air (With a 99% Profit Margin), I suggest you check it out. It's the first of this 3-part series.

You Are The Brand This is the new book from Mike Kim I mentioned in the show. This should required reading for those wishing to create a brand built on their personality, ideas and reputation. I highly recommend it.

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