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Yes, I'm a professional copywriter, and yes, I think there are great reasons NOT to hire a professional copywriter...At least, not at first.

This week, I'm giving you 5 reasons why you should NOT hire a copywriter.

5 Reasons Why Every Business Owner Should Write Their Own Sales Copy

  1. [00:42] Unless you can competently write your own copy, you cannot confidently hire a good copywriter. This is because you will not know how to distinguish between good copy and bad copy. If you don't know how to write copy to begin with, every time you hire a copywriter, you'll be gambling large sums of money, hoping you get a good result, and never knowing why you did or did not.
  2. [01:18] Writing good sales copy requires you to know your buyers. You MUST develop deep, empathic knowledge about your customers, their problems, their desires, and their pain. There's no better way to do this than studying the people who buy from you. That is required to write good sales copy.
  3. [02:02] Writing good sales copy also requires you to develop deep, accurate knowledge about your product. You must know its strengths and shortcomings with your customers, and how to articulate your product's features and benefits in a way that causes people to want to buy. If you do a good job of writing the copy, you will end up improving the product in the process.
  4. [02:56] Nobody will care as much about the copy as you do. Because you are the risk-taking entrepreneur who's putting your neck out for this product, and for these people (your customers). There is no bigger stakeholder in the success of this enterprise than you. Therefore, no one will bring more sense of responsibility to deliver the best copy possible than you yourself.
  5. [04:03] Nobody else will spend as much time, write as many revisions, tweak the copy as often , or as carefully, as yourself. You need to get in there and write the copy. And then rewrite the copy. And then test the copy. And then work to beat your control. Once you've gone through this process with one big product and project, you may be ready to turn this over to a copywriter. Do not be in a hurry to do so.

Of course, as I previously stated, I am a professional copywriter...Obviously, I feel there are times when hiring a copywriter is exactly the right thing to do.

For instance, when:

  • You cannot get satisfactory conversion rates yourself.
  • You can no longer improve your conversion rates.
  • You are objectively just not good enough to write it yourself anymore.
  • You simply don't have time to do it yourself anymore because you're too successful.
  • They can beat your control. In other words, they can write copy that converts better than your own winning copy.

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