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In this episode, it’s all about the Dad’s as we chat to Sam Patterson of All Time Dads who tells us how Dads can flick the switch between work and life so they can be present with their family for the moments that count. If you’re a father or have a partner or co-partner who wants some tips on how to be more present with your family, then this is the episode for you.

👉 Sam shares

  • His story that led him to where he is today
  • His motivation for this work
  • The dynamics of the provider role
  • The biggest regret of a dying man
  • The importance of a great routine in showing up at your best for your family
  • How to set effective work-life boundaries
  • The tactics we can use to switch off when we need to

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Sam helps family conscious dads to flick the switch between work and life so they can be present for the moments that count.
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