Cultivating a Healthier Parent- Child Relationship with Psychologist Dr. Martha Deiros Collado


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In today's episode, I’m joined by the beautiful Psychologist, Dr Martha Deiros Collado. If you don’t already follow her on instagram, now is the time to start. Her mission is to make the science of psychology accessible to all and support parents to see their child behind the behaviour. She distills big topics into simple ideas and actionable strategies to support you every day, with your family.

👉 Dr. Martha shares

  • About compliance vs speaking up
  • That if we want children to stand up to peer pressure, we need to allow them to question our authority and listen/validate their emotions
  • Why children can't self-regulate and how they process emotions
  • About children showing respect and saying please and thank you
  • Why we should try to avoid watching our children in distress
  • What to say instead of 'don’t'
  • About transitioning children to school
  • After school routines and rituals
  • About parenting as a unique relationship

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Connect with Dr. Martha Deiros Collado
The Confident Parent Course
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👉 Guest Details

Dr Martha is a clinical psychologist and HCPC registered practitioner with over 20 years of clinical and academic experience. She is also a mother of one, a yogi, a runner, and an adventure sports enthusiast.

Striving to make the science of psychology accessible to everyone, her growing Instagram community has come to trust the calm, and empathetic way she tackles big subjects - from how to talk about current affairs, death, consent, gender, and sex, as well as the small but critical day to day challenges such as getting children to eat their vegetables and brush their teeth! Martha focuses on our common humanity and the topics that are relevant in the here and now to support parents in building confidence and feel less alone. Martha strongly believes that focusing on the parent-child relationship is the key to effective change, rather than trying to modify children’s behaviour. She hopes that putting her knowledge into the mainstream will get people curious about themselves and their position in the world, help them grow aware of their unconscious biases, and ultimately become more compassionate humans.

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