The Secret Origin of Jay Conner, The Private Money Authority


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By 2009, I was denied credit by a bank. In less than 90 days, I raised $2.15 million without ever asking people for money. How? With private money lending.

I want to let you in on why private money is the way to go to fund your investments by a huge margin over dealing with hard money lenders, and how you can use it to launch your business into levels of profit.

Key Takeaways:

  • One is the most dangerous number in business. Never have just one of something, especially important resources.
  • How I heard about private money lending.
  • What is private money lending?
  • Why private money lending is better than hard money lending.
  • The 5 steps I did and repeated to raise $2.15 million in funds.
  • Private money lending lets you raise money without asking for it by simply presenting an opportunity for private individuals.

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