[Guest] Jay Joins The Peer-To-Peer Show - How to Raise Private Money


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If you are a real estate investor wondering how to raise and leverage private money to make more profit on every deal then you’re in the right place. On Raising Private Money we’ll speak with new and seasoned investors to dissect their deals and extract the best tips and strategies to help you get the money!
Jay Conner joins William Morales on Peer To Peer Real Estate podcast to talk about his favorite topic: Raising Private Money.
Listen to Jay’s story as he shares his first-ever real estate deal way back in 2003, selling the property by using creative financing without him even knowing what that is.
“Growth Comes From Challenges” - Jay Conner
Learn from Jay about how he overcome his greatest challenge when the bank closed his line of credit in 2009 which lead him to discover Private Money to fund his deals.
“It Is Impossible For You To Fail Until You Choose To Quit” - Jay Conner
0:01 - Raising Private Money
0:53 - Who is Jay Conner, The Private Money Authority?
6:13 - Jay Conner’s First Real Estate Deal
12:45 - Jay Conner’s Creative Financing Deals
13:47 - Discovering Private Money
20:55 - What Is Private Money?
25:31 - Creative Financing & Private Money
32:46 - Why Private Lenders Will Invest Their Money To A New Real Estate Investor.
34:33 - Where Do You Find Private Lenders?
37:26 - Interest Only Payments For Your Private Lenders
42:34 - Where To Find Private Money: The Warm Market
44:42 - Where To Find Private Money: Expanded Warm Market
45:08 - Where To Find Private Money: Existing Private Lenders
48:51 - Jay Conner’s Private Money Academy: https://www.JayConner.com/Trial - 30 days free trial
50:26 - What Keeps Jay Conner Motivated?
53:02 - Jay’s Free Private Money Guide: https://www.JayConner.com/MoneyGuide

Youtube Video Link: https://youtu.be/v2YzaeXfZ9U
Private Money Academy Conference:


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