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In this episode I get to share my soul sister Kimiko Miller with you all! Kimiko is such a bright light to all those around her! She is a mama to three girls, a therapist to those in recovery and jewelry designer of her line Kimiko Kollections. There is literally nothing in this world this girl cant do! Come hang out with us as Kimiko shares her heart and wisdom!

[ 6:14 ] If you have been raised by a certain type of person and you share similar traits, those patterns will show up in your kids.

[ 6:50 ] Apologize quickly. Apologies make kids see that your human and that we acknowledge our humanness. There are no perfect parents. Own what you have done and apologize.

[ 7:44 ] The more conscious and aware you are, it will help you recognize what you are doing in the moment which will allow you to apologize or own what you did. Being conscious and aware will allow you to better meet your kids where they’re at.

[ 11:04 ] Our society puts a ton of pressure on kids, way more than we had.

[ 11:23 ] I have seen a ton of parents impress their desires for their kids, and I have tried really hard not to do that. It’s funny because I am so not like that around the studies and their schooling yet they are still very hyper conscious about getting a good grade, going to a good college or comparing themselves to other people going to a good college. It’s so interesting because you can clearly see it’s not me putting that on them but society.

[ 13:19 ] I have taught them how to express their feelings. Express them, feel them, allow them to come, figure out where the feelings are coming from and move through it.

[ 14:46 ] There are a lot of parents who feel validated and worthy based on what their kids are doing. That’s why parents needs to do work on themselves so they feel whole for who they are and not put that on their kids.

[ 15:50 ] Dr. Shefali talks about feelings being like a train. You watch the feelings come and when the feelings get to you, feel it, sit with the feeling and then watch it go.

[ 19:52 ] I think hindsight I look back and I wish I didn't put that pressure on myself, to have everything perfect and just take that time to be with the kids and engage.

[ 22:23 ] Whatever we can do to build that safe attachment and safety within the home, our kids will flourish. That is number one!

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