The Low Down On Homeschool


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This new school year looks very different than years past! In this episode, my girl Kristen Maple is on talking about all things homeschool. Kristen is a homeschool mama, an Aroma Freedom Practitioner and a Medical Freedom Advocate on a mission to help you clear out your mental clutter so you can achieve your goals with grace and thrive in your mind, body and soul. I am so excited for her to share her knowledge with you all. I also just want to say before we get into the episode, that both Kristen and I are very sensitive to the fact that homeschool is not a realistic option for everyone nor is it a requirement for a great education. Whether you choose to homeschool, do school virtually, take part in a hybrid model or in person there is no right or wrong approach. At the end of the day everybody’s situation, circumstances, family dynamics and kids are all different and children can thrive in both the traditional learning method and homeschool method. We acknowledge, fully support and honor your decisions with no judgement. The purpose of this episode is to shed light on the ins and outs of homeschool from Kristen’s experience with the hopes that you walk away with tools you can use feeling empowered and confident in this next season of life.

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