Slow Down For What


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Do you have a todo list that never seems to end? Are you constantly on the go? Do the words SLOW DOWN make you anxious? Life can naturally be busy and it takes mindfulness and intention to slow down and be still. If we don't, life will pass us by and we won’t be able to experience the deep connection with ourselves and others that human beings need to thrive.

Here’s the deal when we jam pack our days and are busy going from one thing to the next or tirelessly trying to cross everything off our todo list we miss the beauty that is found in stillness, that is found in the present moment. When we slow down we create space to observe the child in front of us and really get to know them. When we slow down we look at our kids with adoration, love and curiosity.

Slow down for what? Slow down to experience all the joy this life offers.

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