Oops Did I Just Say That?


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When your kids say or do things do you often find yourself thinking, “that is so from me!” Oh sis you don’t even know how many times I have done this! In todays episode I share how our kids can pick up on our words/actions and unconsciously repeat them. Come hang and see what happened the other day that had me saying, “oops did I just say that?”

[ 3:09 ] This whole parenting thing is not a destination, we all know it is a journey!

[ 5:05 ] The more conscious and aware you are, the better equipped you are to handle whatever comes at you in a conscious and awakened state.

[ 5:17 ] Accept the as is and go with the flow.

[ 8:19 ] Conscious parenting is all about raising your adult self and recognizing where we as a parent need to change.

[ 12:30 ] The fact that he said the words that I typically say mirrored to me that it’s a pattern and a habit that I need to break.

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