Navigating Anxiety


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It’s no secret that life and people are unpredictable! Throughout your life there will be many times where you find yourself in seasons and situations that cause anxiety. Come hang out with us a we navigate anxiety for moms and their children.

[ 5:51 ] All surpassed emotions are anxiety and depression and they manifest in a lot of different ways.

[ 8:01 ] Part of the anxiety that moms feel is really brought on by culture and all of the ways it tells us things should be.

[ 10:28 ] We forget that our kids are also going through a lot and adjusting.

[ 12:28 ] It’s so important that we as moms take care of ourselves so that are able to help our kids manage their emotions.

[ 13:29 ] Signs of anxiety.

[ 24:41 ] How to help your anxious child.

[ 25:55 ] Things to say to your anxious child. All phrases mentioned and more can be found at

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