Consciousness and Overwhelm


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Most of us unless we are somewhat conscious go through our days unconscious. Meaning we go from one thing to another with no real thought. It’s almost as if we are robots moving mindlessly through our days unaware of how we are feeling inside, unaware of our environment and its effects on us and unaware of what is causing us to emotionally react.

The road to consciousness is a journey. When we start to become more and more aware of what is happening within us and around us it is normal to feel well overwhelmed with the thought of all the things we quote on quote need to work on or change.

Two words sis DEEP BREATHE. One thing at a time. Just like an athlete in training create a plan and focus on one thing at a time.

Come hang out with me and I will show you how you can take change and growth step by step creating healthy habits and patterns that will stick all while giving yourself grace in the process.

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