Season Four Finale | Lessons From Lockdown: What The Past Year Taught Us


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Today on Raising Adults, cue all the fireworks as Kira and Deana celebrate the season four finale! Can you believe it? Join us as we talk about what we learned this season, how we grew as people and parents, as well as what's coming next season. "We get so busy, and life gets so frenetic and fast-paced that I think we can forget, and I certainly had, that we're the boss of our own schedule." - Deana Thayer. "I'm not entirely convinced anymore by this trajectory that we put on our kids and their education. You have to get great grades so you can get into a great college, so you can get a great job. I'm not sure I buy that anymore." - Kira Dorrian. Today’s talking points:
  • Deana and Kira's why (6:15)
  • What Kira learned this past year (7:49)
  • What Deana learned (13:02)
  • Kira was floored by how much busier she was than what she thought (16:50)
  • Is Kira going to get hate mail over this comment? (23:05)
  • Who loves social distancing? Deana does! (26:59)
  • Kira and Deana share what they hope stays the same (29:23)
  • Take a moment and think about the hidden blessings of this year (33:02)
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