No Rules By Sixteen


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Today on Raising Adults we celebrate the beginning of Season Five! Can you believe it? Join us as we talk about how Deana approaches the goal for her kids to have no rules by age 16. What does that mean? How does that actually work? Be sure to tune in! "The goal of the structure and the strictness in the early years is so that they're able to handle the increasing freedom in the older years.” - Deana Thayer. "Are they starting to even see at a young age that the more I show that I'm responsible and capable of something, the more I'm rewarded with freedoms and privileges? And my parent is recognizing my readiness and helping me grow in that so that by the time you get to those tween years, none of this will be a surprise." - Kira Dorrian. Today we talk about:
  • Deana's why (6:55)
  • Kira's why (9:49)
  • What this looks like in Deana's house (12:04)
  • How to assess readiness (17:02)
  • Looking for collaboration (17:56)
  • How to handle when things slip up or go sideways (22:01)
  • Increasing responsibility from a young age (26:04)
  • Kira's experience growing up with no rules by her teen years (29:48)
  • The more responsible they are, the more you can trust them - even from a young age (33:49)
  • What do to if you'd like to make this a goal for your family (35:57)
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