Mealtime Transformation with Laura Hernandez of Mama Systems


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Laura Hernandez and her husband, Tony, live in the Dallas area, raising seven biological and three adopted children. That's right; they have ten amazing children - She's our hero! Laura created Mama Systems to help others bring peace to their homes through customized systems. She offers coaching and courses that help families live more intentionally.

Is dinner time at your house filled with beautiful experiences and your family around the table enjoying conversations? If you answered with a resounding no - then this is the episode for you!

"They are not going to remember what you made, and if they had hot dogs for dinner or if they had a five-course meal; I think that they're going to remember the conversations and the times that they were heard." - Laura Hernandez

Today on the Raising Adults

  • How meal planning impacts a parent's ability to be Future Focused (8:18)
  • Techniques for families to get started on a system around meal planning (10:41)
  • Dealing with picky eaters (17:55)
  • Figuring out what's important to you around mealtime (19:15)
  • Tips for making mealtime at the table a positive experience (20:13)
  • What benefits can be seen from implementing these techniques (22:17)
  • Life happens, and you fall off track - how can you get back to having these intentional mealtimes (23:22)

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