Hitting and Biting and Breaking, Oh My!


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Today on Raising Adults, we discuss the age where littles are hitting, biting, and breaking things. We share some tips on how we've tackled this phase with our littles that align with our FFP philosophy. Join us today as we share tools that parents can use for dealing with this developmentally appropriate, though challenging, phase. "Make sure that as you're encouraging this behavior to stop and letting them know that this is not appropriate, that we are also giving them the tools for what is appropriate." - Kira Dorrian "What we permit, we promote. So if you're allowing it, even sometimes, they're thinking, Oh, I might, get away with this here and there,’ and that's really not okay." - Deana Thayer Things we chat about:
  • Kira teaching her kids that violence is never okay (4:26)
  • Deana's “it's only fun if everyone is having fun” (5:18)
  • What Kira struggled with that a lot of parents can relate to (6:35)
  • Just because something is age-appropriate doesn't mean you can let it go (8:16)
  • The importance of staying consistent (10:50)
  • Shaming doesn't have to be part of parenting (13:55)
  • Mean what you say and say what you mean (16:49)
  • Kids need to see the follow-through (17:47)
  • Teaching the process of reparation (19:35)
  • Reparation without shame (22:28)
  • Encouraging inappropriate behavior to stop, while giving them tools for what is appropriate (23:13)
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