Closing The Gender Gap Using Context, Conversation and Communication with Janet Allison and Jennifer L.W. Fink of On Boys Podcast


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Today, Kira and Deana have the opportunity to chat with Janet Allison and Jennifer LW Fink about closing the gender gap using communication, context, and conversation. Janet is a mother, former teacher, and currently a family coach, author, and podcaster. Jennifer is a mother of four boys, a writer, and a podcaster. Together they co-host the popular podcast, On Boys. "I started learning about boys to survive my own life." - Jennifer LW Fink. "The three keys of really being a boy-friendly communicator are moving side by side, fewer words on your part, and lots of pauses." - Janet Allison. In this episode, we dive into:
  • Meet Janet (2:52)
  • Meet Jennifer (3:58)
  • The why behind Jennifer's work (7:39)
  • Janet's why (8:45)
  • Raising gentlemen without suppressing the empowerment of girls (11:49)
  • Helping our kids understand the past so they can have the context for the current climate (14:41)
  • Three keys to being a boy-friendly communicator (20:39)
  • Laying the foundation for tailored conversations (22:03)
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