Better Access to Education for Working Adults Will Help Meet the Nursing Shortage - Dr. Michelle Cummings, Senior Director of Healthcare and Nursing at Academic Partnerships


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“The nursing workforce is truly the backbone of the healthcare delivery system,” observes today's guest, Dr. Michelle Cummings, who has straddled clinical nursing and the nursing academic world for the past 20 years. “Many people don't realize that there are four times as many nurses as there are doctors, and by 2030, we will need more than 1.3 million new nurses to address the current shortage. We really need to find some solutions.” One key approach is to make education, training and upskilling more affordable and accessible for working nurses, something she pursues in her role at Academic Partnerships which supports the online offerings of not-for-profit universities. Tune in to this episode of Raise the Line with host Shiv Gaglani to discover what Dr. Cummings believes is the biggest current concern facing the healthcare industry, and hear her advice to nurses on managing their careers in this dynamic and challenging COVID environment. Plus, find out what Dr. Cummings means when she encourages a “Pac-Man approach” to career advancement.

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