The Power Of Great Leadership: Tapping Into Your Resources And Valuing Your Team With Karyn Ruth White


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What does great leadership mean? How does a great leader deal with abrupt changes and tough decisions? Listen to this episode as Karyn Ruth White shares the key concepts of leadership and solving problems. Karyn is a keynote speaker, public speaking, and speech writing coach who helps professionals thrive and have fun doing it. She emphasizes the importance of tapping into your resources and valuing your team. She discusses the characteristics leaders need to have for effective management. Tune in to learn how to claim your power and have fun while growing professionally!

Hosted by Marla DiCarlo and Susan Frew, this show discusses the ins and outs of selling and buying businesses and building value for the future. We toss around the cliché that small business owners put tons of blood, sweat, and tears into their business. This is true. Too often, small business owners leave money on the table. They don't take advantage of negotiation because they don't know how to improve or can't determine the right way to market themselves.

Don’t have a sellable company? That is the reason we’re here! Welcome to the Raincatcher podcast.

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