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Hosted by Marla DiCarlo and Susan Frew, this show discusses the ins and outs of selling and buying businesses and building value for the future. We toss around the cliché that small business owners put tons of blood, sweat, and tears into their business. This is true. Too often, small business owners leave money on the table. They don't take advantage of negotiation because they don't know how to improve or can't determine the right way to market themselves.

Don’t have a sellable company? That is the reason we’re here! Welcome to the Raincatcher podcast.

There's no such thing as an ugly baby, but there is such a thing as an ugly company! Creating a great business doesn’t equate to creating a sellable business. As a small business owner, you invest a significant portion of your personal life into growing your business, so when it comes time to sell your company, it can feel strange and unsettling, similar to sending your child off to college. Marla and Susan show you how to build a business you can be proud of and breaks down the steps to create a mature and sellable business.

Small business is the heartbeat of America, and everyone deserves their chance at the American Dream. At Raincatcher, Marla and Susan transform small to medium-sized businesses into built-to-sell companies. They help buyers find remarkable enterprises that establish their own legacy.

Increase your awareness around the entire process of selling your business. Every week on Raincatcher, Marla and Susan have fun and informative conversations with small business owners and professionals. Hear their experiences in building value in their company to sell it. Learn from their insights and lessons from going through the process. Experience ultimate freedom and options.

Marla DiCarlo is an accomplished CFO with more than 30 years of accounting experience. As the co-owner and CEO of Raincatcher, she helps business owners get ready to sell. With her help, they find the best buyer and get paid the maximum value.

From 2000 to 2008, she worked as Director of Accounting for an M&A and investment group. This company specialized in the purchase, capitalization, and management of real estate and businesses. While there, Marla was responsible for new deals, investments, and financing. She's also worked with Credit Suisse First Boston, ISS Group, Venture West Group, and Madison Dearborn Partners. In 2008, Marla started a fractional CFO, accounting, and bookkeeping company called Kaizen Business Results. Marla and her team helped small business owners to build value and scale their company. She has worked with over 500+ business owners in her career and knows what it takes to build a sellable company.

Susan Frew is an award-winning entrepreneur, public speaker, emcee, business coach, and the CEO of Sunshine Plumbing & Heating. Sunshine has won 44 different awards for growth and community service, including the coveted INC5000 list under Susan’s leadership. A former International GM with AT&T Wireless, she is a certified business coach, instructor for the SBA’s national Emerging Leaders Program, and the radio host of “Coaching Not Just for Sports” on ESPN Radio.

She courageously delivers her keynote “Leading through the Rain,” which outlines how a bad hire almost caused her multi-million-dollar business to fold and the steep climb back from close to $1 Million in debt.

Susan’s compelling TEDx talk in November 2017 has made her a sought-after convention speaker. As a business growth coach, Susan incorporates trailblazing tools in her practice, The Profit First System™ and the Value Builder System™. She is currently the Director of Business Growth at Raincatcher™.

Get ready to exit your business and start the next stage. Join Marla DiCarlo and Susan Frew to learn what universal drivers are essential to make your business attractive and sellable. Only here on Raincatcher.

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