Episode 706: We’re A Canadian Band


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As we pressed "record" on this episode, it was July 1st. Or Canada Day. Unfortunately, with the events of this year we haven't been feeling very patriotic. But all the awesome music produced in the Great White North is always reason to celebrate. So we decided to grab a stack of Canuck wax, pour a couple drinks and shoot the shit. In other words, celebrate RAM-style. We discussed a Sacrifice/Slaughter FB battle thread we created, a Vancouver radio station playing RATM on loop, Vince Neil's goofy "satanic" quote and we test each other's Metal. Musically, we crank some new and used from the aforementioned Sacrifice and Slaughter, Blasphemy, Get The Shot, Forgotten Rebels, Death Sentence, DBC, Soothsayer, Electro Quarterstaff, CiDB, and Primordial Serpent! Horns Up and Stay Healthy, Eh!

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