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Terry Lovelace is a six-year veteran of the USAF, serving on active duty from 1973 – 1979. He completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Park University and a law degree from Western Michigan. His legal career began in private practice until his appointment as an assistant attorney general for the U.S. Territory of American Samoa, he also served as an assistant attorney general for the State of Vermont until his 2012 retirement. He and a friend were abducted from Devils Den State Park in NW Arkansas in June 1977 while remote camping. They were both on active duty at the time. What followed were 43+ years of nightmares, phobias, and PTSD-like issues. In 2012 a routine leg x-ray discovered two anomalous objects in his leg. The x-rays are on his website at That event was the catalyst to write the books and speak publicly about his experiences. For fear of losing his job and the respect of his peers in the legal community, he waited until 2018 to self-publish INCIDENT AT DEVILS DEN, a #1 Bestseller on Amazon with 550+ Reviews at 4.7/5.0. His second book, DEVILS DEN: THE RECKONING was published the week of Christmas 2020. It was #1 in New Releases immediately and hit #1 Bestseller status on February 10 th . Radio Wasteland is a radio show and podcast that covers all topics mysterious to conspiratory, ranging from corrupt governments and cover-ups to UFO phenomenon and cryptozoology… and everything in between… and more importantly, everything beyond. Learn about the cast and crew at #RadioWasteland #TerryLovelace #UFO Follow Us at: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram:

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