The MARK EGAN Interview – Metheny to Sting, Gil Evans to Duran Duran


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Mark Egan is one of the world’s finest bassists. Starting his career with the first PAT METHENY GROUP, he has worked with Gil Evans, John McLaughlin, Cyndi Lauper, Stan Getz, Michael Franks, Roger Daltrey, Sting and Duran Duran off-shoot group ARCADIA. His partnership with drummer Danny Gottlieb has led to many albums of their group ELEMENTS and their new duo album “Electric Blue”.

Mark takes us inside his inspiration, how he created his sound, and his work ethic. He also tells us his WORST GIGS and gives valuable advice for musicians.

Mark and I have worked together on many projects and as A SPECIAL BONUS , here’s a track from one of my solo albums “The Seduction of Art” with Mark, Danny Gottlieb and the mind-blowing CHRIS HUNTER on Alto Saxophone.

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