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Guitar players and lovers, you’re in for a special treat!

In my 2nd session with Grammy winning guitarist & composer LAURENCE JUBER, he plays a guitar piece I wrote for him called… “Guitar Piece” - and explains HOW he played it! This is a unique look into the creative process of one of the most gifted players of the last 50 years. He not only talks about his methodology, Laurence also discusses his love of Renaissance guitar and reveals his deep knowledge of guitar history. Get up and dance to his own newest piece, “Grandma’s Blue Chicken Pan”. As if that were not enough, the dashing Wings guitarist also talks about the Beatles use of harmony and how he expresses it on the guitar. In this relaxed chat between old friends, you will laugh, cry and be amazed! A masterclass from a true master. Watch! Listen! Learn! Take notes! And please, subscribe to Radio Richard to be notified of Laurence’s next show on DADGAD guitar!!!

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