ASMAC MASTERCLASS PART 2 | NILES lost with Ray Charles, ALTMAN chases James Bond's tank


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Different Approaches Explained

Moderator: Sylvester Rivers

Composer/Arrangers John Altman (James Bond, Rod Stewart, Monty Python) and Richard Niles (Paul McCartney, Ray Charles, Pat Metheny) demonstrate their different approaches and arranging techniques. For this special ASMAC event, they have both arranged short versions of a simple nursery rhyme, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. This is a unique opportunity to compare and contrast the working methods of two acclaimed artists with 100 years combined experience.

Moderator and legendary arranger Sylvester Rivers asks all the right questions. How did they conceive, plan and execute the arrangement? How did they choose instrumentation, meter, groove, harmonic landscape? Why did they make those choices?

Don’t miss this opportunity to share some musical knowledge, and some laughs, with three arrangers who have helped create the sounds of our time.

BONUS: This PART 2 of this 2 hour presentation includes Altman’s CHASE SCENE from his score to the James Bond film, GOLDENEYE. PLUS, two live performances of Richard Niles’ BANDZILLA, at the 2002 Falkirk Festival, featuring singer PAT KANE and multi award winning jazz guitarist JIM MULLEN playing Niles’ arrangements of “Luck Be a Lady” (Guys & Dolls) and “Free Man In Paris” (Joni Mitchell).

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