Vicky Abdullah


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This week's guest is Tjiwarl mother, grandmother and activist, Vicky Abdullah. Vicky joins us on the blower from the side of the road on country as she looks over a mining dump. Vicky has always been caring for country and learnt this from her mother. Her father was a cammalier from Queensland and Vicky grew up going from station to station. In her early adulthood, Vicky set out on her own, travelling to and through many different communities in the Kimberley and Pilbara, hearing and learning many different languages. She loved it. Vicky is a staunch anti-uranium and anti-mining activist and is well known across the continent. She can't wait to get back to Melbourne. She really loves it here. Thank-you very much for speaking with us this week, Vicky. We hope to see you in Melbourne down the track.Vicky stands with her Aunties Shirley and Lizzie Wonyabong

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