Marisa Sposaro


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'Get out there and do it. Don't have a fear of failure. And listen to 3CR'. This week's Radical Australia guest, host of 3CR's Doin' Time, Marisa Sposaro, has been listening to the little radio station since she was a teenage rebel, curious about the world and eager to experience everything it had to offer. Maria was born blind and in this conversation she tells us about some of the curious little experiences she has had living in society as a blind person. Illuminating stuff. Marisa has been an activist for decades now and she has been at 3CR for about as long, these days presenting Doin' Time, a show covering prisoner rights, asylum seeker rights, migrants - women - and family violence and other topics that interest her. Marisa was a fun guest and gave us a good laugh. It was a pleasure hearing some of her life stories and we thank her very much for being our guest this week.Doin' Time, Mondays, 4pm -

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