Ajak Kwai


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This week's guest on Radical Australia is none other than Ajak Kwai, a well-known singer in Melbourne and host of 3CR's Ubuntu Voices, a program whose name means 'i am here because you are here'. It airs on Wednesdays at 8:30pm. Ajak grew up in South Sudan, running naked and barefoot among the trees and the cattle. Beautiful memories for her. Speaking with Ajak we learn about the war that came when she was 20 years old and its impact. Tasmania was the first place Ajak landed when she relocated to Australia and when she first stepped out onto the street she wondered where all the people were after living in busy Cairo for eight years. Ajak moved to Melbourne for the music and treated us to an ode to Tamworth. It's rather beautiful. We are sure you will enjoy learning about Ajak's life and hearing her reflections on being a black woman in this country, among other things. We thank her very much for being our guest this week. Ubuntu Voices - Wednesdays 8:30pm - 3CR 855AM

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